Unable To Upload And Send File Attachment In Yahoo Account

Do you want to add something important to your mail account? But the main problem is that you are not aware of the way to attach a file? Or have some file size issue? Stop getting bothered. The right technique has been discussed in the piece of blog. You will understand the procedure once you will read the given instructions.

Yahoo email attachment troubles:

  • May be you are sharing a system file that is not supported via Yahoo.
  • Your file may contain some virus and got rejected during the process of virus scanning
  • Attaching a folder to Yahoo email is not allowable as it permits to attach files only
  • Your file size consists of more than 25 MB
  • The file may include some special characters
  • Your file is encrypted. You are not allowed to attach any encrypted files to the email. Yahoo doesn’t give permission for the same. Maybe the encrypted files consist of a malicious script to hack a user account

Attach files from PC:

  • Initially, you need to click Compose.
  • After that enter the Attach icon.
  • Next, you need to click Attach files from the computer.
  • You need to locate the file for attaching, enter Open.
  • After attaching, you can click on the Send option after putting the sender email address.

The process to add files from the recent emails, cloud or GIFS from the internet:

  • To start with Enter Compose.
  • Next, you need to enter the Attach icon.
  • Choose the type of file for attaching or inserting:

o   Share files from cloud providers

o   Insert animated GIFs

o   Add photos from recent emails

  • You can search for or simply browse items which in the right column.
  • Click an item to attach it.
  • Finally, click on the Send option.

Message size limit set via Yahoo:

Yahoo users can send/receive emails up to 25MB in size. Apart from this, keeping your attachments, emails, below or up to 25MB will help you to deliver or receive emails quickly. And if your file attachment size is increasing, then you can compress the file from your end and send it to the sender.

Hence, it is clearly mentioned in the steps about the procedure of uploading and sending an attachment. Any further query can be discussed via getting linked with Yahoo customer support experts.

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