How To Update Yahoo Account Settings

Many users encounter problems operating their Yahoo accounts because their accounts are not up to date. For a hassle-free experience, update your Yahoo account as soon as possible. An updated profile will not only save the time of the users but also keep them away from security threats. You can update your entire Yahoo account at once or you can partially update it according to your requirements. Here are the simple steps to manage your account from your email address.

Steps to Update the entire Yahoo Account

  1. Launch Yahoo email on your computer and log in with your email id and password.
  2. In the right corner of your inbox, you can view the Settings logo. You can get a drop-down menu by clicking it and choose Accounts.
  3. In the dialogue box, you can see all the settings of your account. Now you can easily configure the settings from here. You can change your password, Yahoo profile, and account information.
  4. You can add an extra email account from here.
  5. You can configure your default email sending account.
  6. Now save the changes to update your Yahoo account.

Steps to Update the Personal Information

  • Name: To update the first name, last name or display name go to the Yahoo personal info section. Now click on the edit and modify the required field. Finally, click on Save to finish.
  • Update Birthday: It is not possible to update your date of birth for security reasons. If your date of birth is wrong, then you need to create another profile with updated information.
  • Change the Profile Picture: To change your profile picture, you need to go to the Yahoo Personal Info page and click on the camera icon just above of your name. You can upload a new picture from your system or you can instantly click a new one. You can crop or rotate the picture to fit in the display and Save it.

Steps to Update the Security Settings

  • Password: To change the password, you need to go to the Yahoo Account Security page. Now click on the Change Password. Then you have to enter and confirm the new password. Click on Save to use the new password.

Account Recovery Information: You need a valid mobile number or a secondary email id to recover your Yahoo account. To update account recovery information, you have to go to the Account Security page. Now click on the Email Address or Phone Number to update. You need to verify the address or the number and then Save the changes.

For any further assistance, you can contact Yahoo support helpline number to fix your Yahoo email issues.

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